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Mrs. Rupa Mahanty

Mrs. Rupa Mahanty

by Debjani Biswas

The most beautiful baby in the world was born today
You would say that “you’re her aunt” …you might say
But I never saw such a halo around a child
Angelic in nature, sunny tempered and mild
But as I called her baby, I looked around
Ten years had flown by on the wings of sound
And my baby was baby no more but a girl
Enchanting and enchanted as the oyster in life’s pearl.
Then suddenly she left us
Why where how             No one knows
But in each one of us
Her light still brightly glows.
I cannot believe it I will never forget you
Neel my Kudy there was nothing you could not do
But before it could happen, all of life they took away
Who decided the time had come no one can say
But even as I ask the eternal WHY
Remember our memories will never die
A chubby hand holding a big “mummy’s bag” high
Identifying at 2 every plane in the sky
Chips in the open air movie together
Swimming “a whole breadth” in warm sunny weather
Doing well in school but never proud
Was this the little baby who said “gwee” aloud?
Making so many things for her baby brother
Babysitting as carefully as a little mother
I can go on and on and I do - inside deep
As all of us do
And will do     and will forever do
And thus within us we will always you keep.

(This is written in fond memory of my niece Kudy who would have been 10 years old ..............from her Chandu Mashi)

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Mrs. Rupa Mahanty