About Kudy ..... A Tribute

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Mrs. Rupa Mahanty

Mrs. Rupa Mahanty

On the 21st of June 1978, an exceptional little baby girl was born to the Mahanty and Mukherjee families. A beautiful baby with grey eyes and iridescent skin, many came to admire her “just to see” until the hospital authorities had to impose the embargo of “No Visitors”, enabling the mother and child to rest! There was something very special about her from the very beginning!

Kudy’s love touched everyone who came in contact with her in the short years she graced this earth, (10 years and 8 months); whether the postman, the domestic staff, her school friends, teachers or relatives. As her grandparents often said, she knew only to give love. At five, she started collecting money for poor “Chiren” (her delightful way of saying “Children”) and used to share “her treats” with the less fortunate. Kudy was abundantly gifted and talented; a math honors’ student, a Kuchipudi dancer, a gifted artist, an elocutionist and debater, and a talented actress, she enjoyed all the opportunities that life had to offer. Full of sparkle, mischief and fun, she was loved by all, and enjoyed traveling with her parents.

The 3rd March 1989 was a very dark day where little Kudy was grievously injured in a traumatic fire accident. Exceptionally brave, she survived with grit for 82 long hours; in those dark hours, during the time that she was conscious, not only did she tell her parents how much she loved them, she also remembered to thank each doctor and medic who came to treat her. That was Kudy.

Kudy left us on the 6th of March 1989 and her parents Niroop and Rupa firmly believe that they were extremely fortunate to have been chosen by God to bring such an exceptional child into this world. She touched them with the purest love and lives on, immortal in their hearts.

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Mrs. Rupa Mahanty