Our Mission

The Kudy Mahanty Chirens’ Opportunities (KMCO) is a Registered Trust that cherishes dear Kudy’s Values and Ideals; to celebrate her memory by providing opportunities for underprivileged children. The Trust has been registered with the name “Chirens’”, her delightful way of saying “Children”.

The Mission of KMCO is to provide opportunity for underprivileged children, in any aspect of their need; whether through scholarships for education, organization of Sports, supporting their well-being through Health Camps, sponsoring the treatment of disease thru medicine or surgery, as well as organizing games, picnics, treats, or anything that will enable children to enjoy the opportunities that life has to offer.

Our slogan expresses the spirit of KMCO :) “to put a smile on every child face”.

Objectives of the Trust:

To educate and facilitate the education of needy children, in its widest sense.

To provide aid to needy children in the form of food, clothing and shelter.

To provide medical facilities and aid in part or whole in the form of monetary help, or in kind, for needy children.

To provide a forum for development (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) of children in various fields of extra curricular activities, cultural, sports and academic in nature, in areas of common interest to children, by organizing events and functions to encourage their participation and development.

To bring joy to the needy children by organizing outings, parties, treats, visits to movies, circus and providing such opportunities that would give them pleasure and happiness without harming them.

To provide for educative and training facilities, libraries/reading rooms etc with a view to attaining the common objectives of the Trust.

To counsel, help and provide legal aid to children, and in particular to those suffering or who have suffered from child abuse.

To counsel children in areas of their all round development.

To run and manage a center or centers with facilities that fall in line with the common objectives of the Trust.

To cooperate in any manner of work in conjunction with any organization or with any institution, association, organization or society with objects wholly or partly similar to the objects and its cause.