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Mrs. Rupa Mahanty

Mrs. Rupa Mahanty

by Vatsala Upadhyay

One day God came to me and said

The love in your heart is what I want you to spread

I want to send you on a journey of life

It will be a short one but you will thrive

But then you are such a beautiful soul

I need the best parents for you to fill the role


But why would you make them suffer in vain?

How terrible it would be to give them such pain

Why would you do this to the best

Why would you put them through this test?

God gave me the knowing smile

For me to comprehend it took a while

Do you see only the pain

Don't you understand what's in there to gain?

You are such a divine soul

The lives you touch will be complete and whole

And thus I traveled all this far

To be born to the couple N & R

Life was never the same again

The happiness we shared was hard to contain

The bonding grew so strong each day

That when it came time to take me away

I refused to leave them and go

Indignantly I shook my head in a firm 'No'

And so God could only take my body away

My soul had absolutely decided to stay

Since then I've become a part

I Stay on in their heart .....

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Mrs. Rupa Mahanty