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KUDY MAHANTY CHIRENS' OPPORTUNITIES Trust (KMCO), a city based charitable trust was founded in memory of Kudy Mahanty, daughter of Rupa and Niroop Mahanty.

The Trust was formed in the year 2000, where Mrs. Rupa Mahanty is the Chairperson, Mr. Niroop Mahanty is the President and Mr. V Umesh Naidu is the Honorary Secretary of the Trust. Other trustees of the KMCO Trust's are Mr. Shubhankar Bhowmik and Mr. Arvind Choudhary.

The Trustees main motto is to serve the cause of needy and underprivileged children. Its objectives are therefore to help, develop and encourage the poor and underprivileged children belonging to weaker sections of the society by undertaking appropriate and adequate projects for their education, medical treatment, participation in sports, etc. KMCO believes that every child is ordained to have fun, therefore the Trust would regularly undertake activities to ensure that these children also have an opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of childhood.


TSRDS: Tata Social & Rural Development Services

FPAI: Family Planning Association of India, Singhbhum Project

Sharda Kalyan Bhandar

YMCA, Jamshedpur

How we fund KMCO

Kudy's parents, Rupa and Niroop Mahanty started the trust with their personal funds. This forms the corpus of the trust.

Kudy's mother, Rupa Mahanty is a Reiki Grandmaster, and active in empowering people through Reiki. Since her work in Reiki is a Social Service she does not personally accept fees; rather she encourages her students to put the Reiki fees due from them directly into KMCO. This way by transferring her potential Reiki earnings to charity, the KMCO Trust continues to grow.

Hearing the noble work being done by the trust, several One-time and regular donors contribute to the trust.

KMCO's Donors

Family & Dearest who have supported KMCO:

KMCO is grateful to its donors who encourage and enable the Mission of the Trust.
  • Mr. Pradeep Bhatia & family

  • Mr. Shubhankar Bhowmik

  • Mrs. Debjani Biswas

  • Mr. Niket Biswas

  • Mr. Arvind Choudhary

  • Mrs. Indira Kaczynska

  • Dr. Jayshree Kamath

  • Mr. Aroop Mahanty

  • Mrs. Reba Mukherjee

  • Mrs. Taila Muller

  • Mr. Shahroukh Namazie & family

  • Mr. Ashok B Rao & family

  • Mr. Sujoy Saha

  • Ms. Laxmi Venkatachalam

  • Mrs. Kamala Mahanty Willing

KMCO in Partnership with SEEDS

In 2018-2019, KMCO, in partnership with SEEDS, a NGO in Jamshedpur, has undertaken a project in a nearby village to:

  • Provide purified water for domestic consumption
  • Water Harvesting

Till today KMCO has installed 21 water pumps and has taken one Harvesting Project in nearby villages.


Our recent partnership with YMCA Jamshedpur has been most encouraging. Project "MADHUR MUSKAN" has enabled us to alleviate the condition of the abandoned children who take refuge at the Tatanagar Railway Station. Thru this endeavour, 35 children are given hot midday meals, basic education, health checkups, and much needed counselling. The Trustees of KMCO are very appreciative of the spontaneous support they have received from donors towards this effort.

In keeping with the KMCO motto "to put a smile on every child's face" KMCO recently organized a zoo visit and Picnic in the Jubilee Park Jamshedpur. A first for the children, the day was joyous both for the children, as well as the organizers.

Kudy Mahanty Auditorium - Interior View

Rupa Mahanty & Niroop Mahanty signed a MOU with JEM Foundation for construction of Kudy Mahanty Auditorium in premises of Jusco School, Kadma, on Friday Feb 17, 2017.

This Auditorium will be of world class standards equipped with state of the art facilities and a seating capacity of 300, built in the loving memory of Kudy Mahanty, daughter of Rupa Mahanty & Niroop Mahanty and will enable hundreds of children in Jamshedpur many of who at present do not have the facility in their own schools to showcase their talent.

Kudy Mahanty Auditorium - Exterior View

With the thought of "Don't give to get rather give to inspire others to give", Mrs Rupa Mahanty spoke about how children in many schools display their flair/talent in open air, under the scorching sun or maybe just under a tin shed.

This Auditorium when ready will help transform their confidence level to maybe soaring new heights. Mrs Mahanty also said that out of the 3 parts of anyone's life which is Learning, Earning and Returning, the part of returning is the most important and this is what inspires her and her husband to do what they do best, giving back to the community they dwell in.

Kudy Mahanty Auditorium - Work in Progress

For construction of The Kudy Mahanty Auditorium the couples personal friends in the pictures.

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