Guiding Values

Kudy Mahanty Chiren's Opportunities is directed by a Board of Trustees. Grant decisions are made by the Board of Trustees at meetings held four times in a year. Applications for support are welcome at any time.

In making funding decisions, the Foundation is guided by three values:

Every child deserves to be and feel loved, valued and cherished. How the young children feel about themselves is paramount to their healthy development. KMCO funds programs that work to ensure that all children have safe and caring environments where they can grow and thrive.

Due to poverty, illness, homelessness, abuse and neglect, many children are denied the opportunity to succeed. KMCO funds programs that provide healthcare, education and social services that give young children the helping hand they need to join their peers in learning and achieving.

Joy is the very moment of realization that something wonderful is about to happen. Kudy Mahanty Chiren's Opportunities supports opportunities for the most vulnerable children to experience joyful moments as part of their everyday life ---- the wonder of learning, the pride of achievement and the excitement of fun.